Joseph's Studio





Equipment Used:

Cakewalk Sonar-8 Producer 64-Bit Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software with ReWire Capability

Korg M50 88-Key Workstation,Williams 88-Key Digital Piano, Yamaha SY-35 Digital Synthesizer

Presonus FireStudio Firewire Audio/MIDI recording interface 

Behringer Ultragain Pro Mic2200 Tube Microphone Preamps

Art Tube Microphone Preamp

Presonus Tube Microphone preamp

Korg NanoPAD Drum Trigger Control Surface

VOX ToneLab Tube Driven Guitar Effects Unit

Plus an Arsenal of Vintage Outboard Signal Processing Gear



    DeltaLab DL4 Digital Delay

    Yamaha SPX90 Digital Reverb

    Alesis Micro Enhancer Aural Exciters

    dbx 266XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate

    dbx 120x Subharmonic Synthesizer 

    dbx 165  Over Easy Compressor/Limiter

    DOD Compressor/Limiter/De-Essers

    Furman Compressor/Limiter/De-Esser

    Furman QN-4 Quad Noise Gates

    Ramsa 31 band 3rd Octave Graphic EQ's

    Alesis QuadraVerb Digital Reverb/Multi-Effects

    Line-6 Guitar Amp with Amp Simulators


             SOFTWARE SYNTHESIZERS (64 Bit)

    Guitar Rig-4 Software Guitar Amplifier Simulation, Speaker/Microphone Modeling Plugin Application

    Cakewalk TTS-1 Software Synthesizer Plugin

    DreamStation Analog Synthesizer Simulator Plugin

    Roland GrooveSynth Software Synthesizer/Drum Computer Simulator Plugin

    Pentagon I Analog Modular Synthesizer Simulator Plugin

    The PSYN II Modular Analog Synthesizer Simulator Plugin 

    Cyclone MIDI Sample Playback Software Plugin 

    RPX REX Player Sample Playback Synthesizer Plugin 

    TruePianos Digital Acoustic Piano Simulator Plugin 

    Session Drummer 2 Sampling Drum Playback Synth Plugin 

    Dimention-Pro Sampling Playback Synthesizer Plugin 

    Rapture Multi-Sampling Sample Playback Software Synthesizer Plugin

    DropZone Sampling Playback Synthesizer Plugin 

    z3ta+ Waveshaping Synthesizer Plugin

    Beatscape Sample and Loop Playback Synthesizer Plugin


     Cakewalk 2-Band EQ

     Cakewalk Parametric EQ

     Cakewalk FxEq

     Sonitus:fx Equalizer

     LP64 Linear EQ

     Cakewalk Delay/Echo (Mono)

     Cakewalk Delay

     Cakewalk FxDelay

     Sonitus:fx Delay

     Cakewalk Chorus (Mono)

     Cakewalk Chorus

     Cakewalk FxChorus

    Cakewalk Flanger (Mono)

    Cakewalk Flanger

    Cakewalk Reverb (Mono)

    Cakewalk Reverb

    Sonitus:fx Reverb

    Lexicon Pantheon Reverb

    Perfect Space Convolution Reverb

    FX Compressor/Gate

    FX Expander/Gate

    FX Limiter

    FX Dynamic Processor

    Sonitus:fx Compressor

    Sonitus:fx Gate

    Sonitus:fx Multiband Compressor 

    LP64 Multiband Compressor

    Boost 11 Limiter

    TS-64 Transient Shaper

    Cakewalk Time/Pitch Stretch 2 Processor

    V-Vocal Voice Pitch Correction Processor

    Cakewalk Amplifier Simulation

    Cakewalk Analog Tape Simulation

    CakewalkAnalog Vacuum-Tube Simulation

    Sonitus:fx Phase

    Sonitus:fx Modulator

    Sonitus:fx Wahwah

    Sonitus:fx Surround Encoder 

    SpectraFX Multi-Effects Processor

    Vintage Channel Compressor/Limiter

    Analyst Spectrum Analizer